Old town

The lovely old town centre, the town hall in Seeheim built in 1599 in renaissance style, today the guest-house "Zum Löwen", the historical town hall in Jugenheim built in 1556.



Mausoleum of the Mountbatten's

In 1894, the mausoleum was built for Prince Alexander of Hesse and his consort Julie, Princess of Mountbatten.






Golden Cross

In memory of Grand Duchess Wilhelmine (1788-1836) the gold-plated cross on a pedestal of black syenite was inaugurated by her children on May 28th,1866. It stands on the "Heiligenberg" (Holy Hill) and is the landmark of Jugenheim.





Convent ruins on the Heiligenberg (Holy Hill) (Jugenheim)

It is assumed that Konrad II from Bickenbach and his wife Ruda from Falkenstein founded the convent on the "Heiligenberg" (Holy Hill). The small convent church was probably used one century long. The convent became derelict. Grand Duchess Wilhelmine allowed for the ruins to be restored around 1830.

Tours of the town

Tours of the town, guided tours and further information can be obtained at: Tel.:

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