Old Town

The historic market square and the adjoining old tanner`s district are worth a visit alone. Weinheim market square surrounded by picturesque houses develops a romantic flair under Japanese pagoda trees.


Weinheim's Green Parks and Gardens

In the middle of the town centre there are 3 parks equally worth seeing.

The Castle Park is a facility with a valuable tree population. Impressive are, amongst others, huge rhododendrons and yew bushes as well as the biggest cedar of Lebanon in Germany.

The exotic forest, dendrologist jewel covering approximately 37 hectares encompasses, for Germany, a unique collection of rare deciduous trees and conifers. Since 1872, planted forest resources with striking, in part gigantic foreign types of deciduous trees and conifers can be viewed along good walkable, marked forest paths. Today around 140 various types of trees can be admired. The sequoias, which are already 130 years old, count among the highest trees in Europe with more than 55 meters.

The show garden Hermannshof, approximately 2,2 hectares large and over 200 years old, serves as an experimental garden in terms of gardening and botany and hosts, at present, over 2000 shrubs.


Blauer Hut (Blue Hat)

the most southwest and indeed the oldest part of the town fortifications dating from the period around 1250 until 1300 is situated on the edge of the castle park.

Hexenturm (Witches' tower)

On the edge of the tanner`s district are the remains of the witches' tower built in the 13th century.

Former carmelite abbey

The building of the abbey, whose foundation stone was laid on the site of the preceding building in 1720, serves since the revocation of the abbey in the year 1802 as a catholic manse.

Peter`s Church

The first information about a church in Weinheim originates from the year 861. Possibly, it is a building preceding the Peter`s Church which was built around the year 1000.

St. Laurentius Church

harbours inside numerous gravestones dating from the 13th to 18th centuries and a few wall paintings from the old church originating from the 14th century

Town garden

The park has 3 significant monuments on offer: The monument erected for the victims of violence, war and persecution, made of red Odenwald sandstone in 1999, the Babo-monument and the Krausé-dAvis-grave, which reminds us of the former usage of the area as a cemetery. The historic "Geißenbrunnen" (Goat Fountain) is also interesting.


Town tours, guided tours and further information can be obtained at the Town and Tourist marketing Weinheim, Tel.: 06201-874450