Museum of Town History and Folklore

There are two constant exhibition areas. The town history exhibition charts the development of Heppenheim from the beginnings until into the 1970s. The folklore exhibition addresses the manifold Bergstrasse and Odenwald festival culture. Tel.: 06252-69112


East German Cultural and Local Heritage and Schönbach Heritage

In the permanent exhibition the interested visitor can find traditional products, costumes from Egerland and Siebenburg, textiles, coats of arms, glasses, china and musical instruments. 


Fire brigade Museum

This small but remarkable fire brigade museum can be termed a rarity. Amongst the jewels are numerous helmets, thereunder a magnificent specimen from the Vatican.



Savings Bank Museum (Sparkassenmuseum)

Begin a tour of discovery of the history of money. The museum depicts the founder history of the Starkenburg Savings Bank as well as the development of the Savings Bank from its beginnings in the 19th century up until the present. Tel.: 06252-1205031


Further information can be obtained at the Tourist Information Heppenheim, Tel.: 06252-131171 and 131172