Worms - The Nibelungentown

Not only the Nibelungensong is connected inseparably with Worms, also Martin Luther and the Reformation have left their marks here. The oldest preserved Jewish cemetery of Europe (holy sand) and great creations of Romanesque church architecture make a visit in Worms worthwhile.

In spite of heavy war destructions during the 17th 18th century, as well as during the last world war, the visitors will find tracks of German and European history everywhere, particularly as there are only few towns in Germany which have experienced and suffered for such a long period.

Worth seeing are the romantic imperial cathedral Saint Peter with its baroque altar, the Magnuskirche, the Trinity church, the Luther monument, the Martin's church, the Pauluskirche, the Liebfrauenkirche surrounded of the vineyards of the world-famous "Liebfrauenmilch", the oldest synagogue of Germany, the Hagen statue in the Rhine promenade, as well as rests of the old town wall.


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