The Felsenmeer in the Lautertal-Reichenbach

The Felsenmeer, a weird stone scenery and a fascination for every visitor, is placed in Reichenbach which is approx. 8 km north-eastern to Bensheim.

In the course of hundred thousands of years, once a closed quartz Diorit cover of the mountains winded the air, so that a worth seeing "sea" of heavy blocks was left. Other theories on the origin of the Felsenmeer say that the rock sea is the result of outbursts of rage of stones throwing giants.

The Roman stonecutter art can be discovered in the Felsenmeer by the remained gigantic column which is 9.30 m long, has a diameter of 1.25 m and exists of one single piece.

Various events like treasure searches or the Felsenmeer in flames are very attractive for visitors.


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