Climbing wood Rhein-Neckar in Viernheim

The climbing wood Rhein Neckar in Viernheim is already short time after its opening a popular address: For all those who stay at home during the summer holidays, the climbing wood offers sporty challenge, disport and a lot of fun. Of course everything is done for the security of the climbers. The garden was built with the guidelines of European high rope gardens. Every participant receives a SECURITY INSTALLATION which lasts 45 minutes. After the instruction the visitors have three-hour´s time to climb through the garden. Five courses with different difficulty levels are available. The most spectacular course was opened on pentecost. After the gigantic children's slide the park has become more thrilling with the new attraction "Tarzan-Jump". Other planned climaxes are a surfboard by the trees, the jump into nothing and a climbing wall. Of course, the climbing wood does not function without rules. Children less than 12 years must be accompanied by an adult who may climb with at most 3 children at the same time.

The arrangement is opened by Easter till November on Thursdays to Sundays as well as in holidays and bridge days - from 10 o'clock .


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email: info@kletterwald the Rhine

Internet: www.kletterwald the Rhine