Supervised beaches and good water quality

There are now a dozen or so artificial lakes and ponds in places where the Neckar once meandered and the Rhine branches used to extend. The lakes were created when gravel was excavated for various purposes. Many of them now have supervised beaches and offer water of very good quality for swimming. Some of them are reserved for fishing, nature protection, walking or for extracting gravel. The map and the following description show you all of the lakes with supervised beaches and bathing facilities such as changing rooms, showers, kiosks and parking lots. Go and feel the sand between your toes, the sun on your skin and the refreshing sensation of jumping into cold water! The overview on the map shows where the lakes are, and provides details of the beaches.

Darmstädter Mühlchen

Arheiliger Mühlchen Darmstadt

This natural bathing lake has been used as a public swimming pool since 1924. It is perfect for families with children and people in search of peace and quiet.

Großer Woog

Großer Woog See Darmstadt

The Woog was installed in the 16th century as a fire protection pond, and has been used as a bathing site since around 1820. It now forms a listed complex of family swimming baths with an island.

Grube Prinz von Hessen bei Darmstadt

Grube Prinz von Hessen Darmstadt

This forest lake was formed after 1909 as the result of lignite mining. The beach is supervised on summer weekends by DLRG – the German Life Saving Association. It is a favourite among nudists.

Bickenbacher Erlensee

Erlensee Bickenbach

This former gravel pit measuring 13 hectares is a bird sanctuary, fishermen’s paradise and leisure centre all rolled into one. The lake, which is not designated as a swimming area, attracts many visitors in summer. Part of the lakeshore is reserved for nudists.

Badesee Bensheim mit Bergstraßenpanorama

Badesee Bensheim

The natural bathing lake with its 300 metres of sandy beach, wicker beach chairs and extensive landscaped sunbathing lawn is an attractive spot for bathers and swimmers in the summer.

Wiesensee in Hemsbach

Wiesensee Hemsbach

As well as a water surface of 14 hectares, there is a heated non-swimmers’ pool that is in great demand among the younger visitors in particular. Swimming lessons and water workouts are regularly held here.

Lampertheimer Badesee

Badesee Lampertheim

The baths at the Biedensand site are unique throughout the region. They combine an indoor and outdoor pool with a bathing lake on landscaped grounds. The bathing lake contains 40,000 m² of water that is good enough to drink.

Weinheimer Waidsee

Waidsee Weinheim

This leisure facility offers sunbathing lawns and the option to windsurf, fish and dive. Supervised swimming is possible along the bathing beach, as well as nudist bathing at the neighbouring „miramar“ leisure complex.