Judenbrunnen (Jew`s Well)

Bickenbach became a significant place after the hunting lodge of Landgrave Ernst Ludwig was built there in the 18th century. In the Bachgasse, a road parallel to the Darmstädter Straße, there is a baroque sandstone well, the so-called Jew`s Well. The well is a copy, the original is to be found in Bickenbach Community Centre. The designation "Jews Well" can be traced back to the fact that the former Jewish School (demolished in 1927/28) stood in this area of the lane.

Kaiserstein (Emperor`s stone)

In the middle of the forest in the Bickenbach North District is the "Kaiserstein" (Emperor`s stone) (the original is in Bickenbach community centre). It is a monument in remembrance of a hunting incident in the year 1745.

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