The Catholic Parish and Pilgrimage Church St. John the Baptist

Under Father Kästel, the new parish church in neo-gothic style was built on this site according to the plans of the Archiepiscopal Planning Department in Heidelberg in the years 1905-1907. Again, it is also consecrated to St. John the Baptist. Whilst building the choir, the pressed down floor of a few rooms was encountered. The church therefore stands on the foundation walls of the old Hirschberg feudal court.



17 fountains bubble in Hirschberg: 11 in the Leutershausen district, 6 in Großsachsen. In former times the few fountains in town were fed from the springs in the forest. Some fountains can also be discovered in the Großsachsen district.

Bell Tower

According to the tradition of the Bergstrasse town halls, a bell tower for the new construction of the town hall was planned from the beginning. A modern bell tower made of steel is located above the main entrance. The carillon was commissioned in the township of Niederau, the twin township of Hirschberg near Meißen. On October 19th, 1996 the carillon above the entrance of the Hirschberg Town Hall, which was financed exclusively by donations, was inaugurated. Besides striking the hour from 8am to 8pm, the 15 bells of Meißner China daily sound to a song appropriate to the time of year at 9.05am, 12.05 pm and 5.05pm.

Villa Rustica - a Roman country estate

The Roman settlement in the historic area "Maueräcker" approximately 1 km west of Großsachsen has been known since the end of the 19th century. In altogether 4 excavation campaigns from 1984 until 1987, the Archaeological Conservation of Historic Monuments Karlsruhe of the Land Office for Monuments Baden-Wuertemberg undertook the exposure of the grounds.

The complete ground plan of an elaborately equipped Roman Bath as well as the main building of the Villa Rustica with multiple rooms and an ornamental pond were excavated.

Whilst the baths had to be abandoned and completely cleared away due to procedural reasons, the main building with the ornamental pond in front could be preserved and made available to the public.



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