UNESCO-World Heritage Sites, castles, palaces, museums and themed parks along the Bergstrasse

The Bergstrasse has a lot to offer in cultural terms, owing to its wealth of interesting monuments and its towns and villages steeped in history. There are a huge number of castles between Darmstadt and Heidelberg, many of which can be explored via the Burgensteig (Castle Trail) or the Blütenweg (Blossom Trail). They are described in the relevant brochure (only in German).
Important UNESCO World Heritage sites such as Lorsch Abbey with the Lauresham Laboratory for Experimental Archaeology and the Messel Pit are within easy cycling distance. Another Site well worth a visit is Mathildenhöhe in Darmstadt. Many other places of interest are listed in the „Holiday route Bergstrasse“ brochures or „Radführer Bergstrasse“ (cyclists’ guide only in German) .
A variety of different museums are strung out along the Bergstrasse. Culture lovers can choose between general and specialised museums. When it comes to entertainment, the choice of events ranges from wine festivals and street festivals to music and theatre festivals on to classical performances at the Darmstadt Staatstheater (state theatre).

UNESCO World Heritage Abbey Lorsch